BEFORE trying to set up a Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store I call the technical support line.

The guy talks me through a few steps to no avail. The MacBook ain’t working. He sets up a Genius Bar appointment at Braehead for later today.

There’s a couple of responses to my 4G router trial survey…I need a full set of responses before I can start compiling the info.

I have some important updates to a Facebook ad I’m running then I get on the case with a bunch of other stuff.

Margaret’s clearing out the merch store and gives me up to date stock levels so I can update the online store. There’s quite a few old design shirts in a range of sizes and we decide to do a half-price clearance sale. No time to set it up now, but I’ll get on it later.

Betty and Joe drop by for a coffee then I leave for the Apple Store at Braehead. Despite leaving the house with a good 15-20 minutes extra to spare I’m a few minutes late thanks to some unexpected traffic jams.

The Genius Bar guy is friendly and supportive…he takes the MacBook through the back for a look. When he comes back he hasn’t been able to identify exactly what ‘bits’ have been affected by the wine spillage. It need to be left with them and spare parts ordered in case their needed. Not looking too good – if it needs the stuff on the list it’ll be around £900 to fix 🙁

And even if the house insurance will pay out, there’s still a £200 excess…plus, of course a couple of hours of my time and £30 mileage every trip to Braehead! I can ill afford the time or cash in any scenario.

Needless to say I’m pretty pissed off as I drive home. That combined with our crappy cash flow situation and coming up a against a brick wall on a couple of important projects doesn’t put me in a very good place.

It’s approaching 8pm and getting dark when I get out for a much-needed walk. At the top of Craigie Fort I’m checking emails when a walker comes and asked me where the West Highland Way is and how far it is to Rowardennan. Jeez…a long walk at this time..I take her down the hill, point her in the right direction and call the youth hostel to let them know she will be there, if a little later than she planned.

Back home I make dinner then set up a’clearance sale’ for the old style shirts – see here for some bargains. I get done sometime after 1am…