Coupla live songs..and a sneak preview of a brand new half-price merch deal – see my website shop – and upcomign gig news including Dave Arcari + Sean Oliver at The Record Factory, Byres Road, Glasgow on Sunday 12 May…tickets in the Facebook event link..Thanks for tuning in!

Posted by Dave Arcari on Thursday, 25 April 2019
The Facebook livestream…

THERE’S a bunch of online merch orders thanks to the t-shirt ‘clearance’ sale I posted about last night.

I need to get ’em all parcelled up and online postage sorted so I can either give them to the postman or stick ’em in the postbox to avoid a return trip to the post office.

Needless to say there’s a bunch of other admin stuff to be done then I tackle the big pack of mince we bought on’s the sell-by date – so although I can ill-afford the time, it needs to be made into burgers for freezing today or it’ll be wasted.

I mix and press a batch of burgers – including an extra two for today’s lunch – and make a big pot of chilli which we’ll portion up and put int he freezer.

There’s no time to faff about with the charcoal grill, so I open up the gas grill and cook the burgers which we enjoy outside before the rain comes.

I hit the studio to start recording on the new song and try various guitars/sounds/layers until it;s time to set up for this evening’s Facebook livestream. Thanks to some internet connectivity support from our pals in the village, we have a better and more reliable upload speed, so take a more adventurous approach.

I preview the new song, play some other tunes, promote the half-price t-shirt clearance and chat about upcoming gigs.

It’s 9pm when I start making the green curry, and 10pm by the time we sit down to eat and relax in front of the telly for a while.

Burgers for lunch 🙂