The Ear Trumpet Labs ‘Myrtle’ works as well in the studio as it does on the live stage…really love this microphone.

FOR some reason mail to the Buzz Records post box has been returned to sender…I called yesterday to find out why and left a message.

Needless to say, no-one got back to me, so I call again and speak to someone else who apologies and says he’ll get someone to look into it and call me back.

Last night’s Facebook livestream instigated a bunch more t-shirt orders for which I print postage labels and pack up…if the postie isn’t here by usual time I’ll take ’em to the post box.

Betty pops in for a coffee and invires us out for dinner tonight then we have lunch and I hit the studio.

I’m kinda undecided how much ‘extra’ stuff to add to the new song recording. Too much and it won;t sound like me anymore…too little and it’ll maybe sound a bit thin. Funny what works live doesn’t always translate in the studio.

I decide to add a little, but keep it in the background underpinning the main guitar and vocal part.

Of course I’ve gone down the rabbit hole that is messing around in the studio and before I know it, it’s almost 8pm and we need to go and meet Betty and Joe.

We have a lovely dinner and evening…and we’re home at a sensible time for a wee nightcap and bed before midnight 🙂