We go a short walk before dinner…

I WAKE early to get the pork butt on the smoker. Our guests arrive around 6pm and we don’t want to be eating at midnight!

There’s some tidying up in the garden while I get things going then I jump in the shower and Margaret makes breakfast.

I’m keen to get an acoustic version of the new song down and hit the studio for an hour or two and do just that. I think I prefer the more stripped back acoustic guitar/vocal version. Margaret likes it too, but I think she still likes the novelty of the electric guitar version with slide and acoustic guitar parts added.

I fire both version off to online mastering service LANDR and get free low-resolution files back in a few minutes…really just so we can get them on the Sonos system compare the two versions.

No time right now, though – we need to rebuild the net ‘cage’ for the the blueberry bushes and I need to make some red cabbage slaw before Krista, Henk and Jonathan arrive.

When they roll up we show them round and sort some drinks then take them a wee walk to let them see the immediate area.

Back home we have pulled pork in brioche buns and red cabbage slaw followed by apple pie that Margaret made earlier.

I think it’s about 2am when we go to bed…