My MacBook Pro is back…but the repais was almost £500!

AFTER breakfast Krista, Henk and Jonathan get in the car and head for Fort William…a long day out.

I’m busy registering the Brexit Blues single and getting the release schedule in palce. Still can;t get the file to upload to my aggregator – the folks that deliver the song into all the digital services.

I send the file off to see if they can sort it. Meantime, I get busy finishing off the artwork.

Following last week’s emails form folks saying they had snail mail returned, I chase up our mail box folks. I left a message on Thursday., spoke to someone who said they’d investigate on Friday and still haven’t heard anything. I call and leave a message.

Also, we’re pretty close to deadlines for the summer USA tour but still waiting on some key information that’ll dictate some of the schedule.

Pretty frustrated that everything we’re trying to do is somehow being held up by other folks who seem to see no urgency in anything.

The first of the month is almost upon is, so I get my eNewsletter written and scheduled to go out in the morning. Read it here.

Mid-afternoon I call the mail box folks again and leave yet other message with the receptionist…then go for a walk to stop myself going crazy.

I;m not long back when I spot an email form the Apple Store saying my MacBook Pro is fixed and ready to pick up. It’s after 5pm…but the Braehead store is open ’til 9pm and our guests likely won’t be back ’til after 7pm so decide to go and pick it up.

Sweating after putting the £480 repair cost on my already close to busting credit card I pick up some shopping at Sainsburys and make for home.

We have a grand night and despite intentions of an early night, it’s 2am before Krista and I realise the time and stop nattering.