STILL no joy with the mailbox folks so I fire off an email.

I’m doing a wee photo project for Betty and have a bunch of old iPhotos and Photos databases to try and sort out and amalgamate so she can slect the ‘keepers’ as the first stage in the process.

While we’re hoping to pull in another Finland show (or maybe two!), time is now against us and I have to get the news releases out to the main Finish and Estonian media. And at that, it;s still quite a bit later than I would have hoped.

We’d really hoped to get some help from Creative Scotland to help with the summer USA trip…the main tour itself is financially viable, but we’re working on a special project with National ResoPhonic which – while potentially very positive – will add considerable expense to the trip.

Alas, it looks like we’re too tight to the deadline and info on soem specifics Creative Scotland need to consider the funding application aren’t forthcoming.

By chance, I find another potential source of help and spend a few hours filling in an application. It’s a bit of a long shot, but a dog’s chance is better than no chance!

Suddenly it’s after 7pm and I’m on Vietnamese beef duties. The beef’s been marinading in the fridge so I light a chimney-full of charcoal and prepare the grill…