WE’RE up early to have breakfast and a planning meeting before I go to my yoga class in the village.

One of my priorities when I get back is to work on another new song…but there’s tickets to be put on sale and banner art to be done for the Edinburgh show in November.

There’s a couple more Scottish shows that need tickets too…but I don’t want to announce them quite yet. I prepare the banner art in the meantime.

Margaret’s also managed to finalise a Helsinki show for Saturday 1 June – so poster art, online listings and a Facebook event are the next things to take priority over the proposed songwriting session. Too late for any more PR/media stuff but I let the two main Finnish radio folks know. One of them’s playing Brexit Blues on national radio tonight!

I get into eh studio for a wee while and firm up some guitar ideas….and ‘placeholder’ lyrics for a verse. By this time, though, my head’s bursting and I need out for some fresh air.

When I get back we sit down and recap the day’s activities then Seonaidh drops by for a beer and to pick up some 4G equipment to see if it’ll work for him.

After some chilli, we chill for a while then an early night…I have a physiotherapy appointment in Stirling tomorrow at 8.30am!