THERE’S not much time before I need to head into Glasgow, so I fire into the website revamp – I wanna get it finished so Margaret can give it the once-over while I’m away.

My coaching session is at Citizen M hotel in the city centre – parking for four hours or so will be expensive so I leave the car at Tesco up at St Rollox and walk into town. I’ll get all the shopping at Tesco and Costco on the way home.

I park up, pick up a sandwich and wander into town in the sunshine, stopping at the bank en route.

The coaching session – part of a programme run by Help Musicians Scotland is really good. The programme is a mixture of one-to-one sessions (of which I’ve had two already) and group sessions. This was the first.

Once we’re done I walk back to St Rollox, get the shopping and make for home. Margaret’s at a local community trust meeting – I’ll meet up with everyone later. Meantime, I put the shopping away, have some dinner and make the revamped website live….