Day three of the videoblog and we hit Ukulele in Vosu…

PRETTY burst this morning…but it was a grand night last night.

After breakfast we get packed up and I do some last minute promo for tonight’s show.

Also, Theresa May has announced she’s ‘standing down’ on 7 June….same day as Brexit Blues is released. I do some online promo hooking in on that!

A taxi takes us to the bus station and we start the two-hour bus journey to Rakvere. I edit some of today’s video footage on the bus.

Ukulele owner/promoter Hardi picks us up from the bus and drives us the 30km or so to Vosu and drops us at our hotel. He’ll be back at 7.30pm to take us to the venue for soundcheck.

Meantime, we go for a wander and stop in at a bar for a snack before going back to hotel and chilling for a while.

At the venue I soundcheck and then we’re given dinner. It’s a10.30pm kick off.

Our pals Seppo and Marina show up and we enjoy a drink with them. The place is only starting to get busy at 10.30, so Hardi suggests an 11pm start by which time there’s a nice crowd in.

The gig goes great and we have time for a drink with folks afterwards then we’re ferried back to the hotel and I finish part three of the daily videoblog.

Brexit Blues gets an airing at Ukulele in Vosu…