Day seven of the Estonia/Finland tour video blog…today – Loimaa with Ismo Haavisto…

IT’S well after 11am when we wake up at Ismo’s.

We’re just showered and dressed when we get a shout for breakfast and sit round the table eating and chatting.

I finish editing yesterday’s videoblog and post along with my usual blog then we hit the road.

First stop is downtown Lahti to pick up the gear we left at Pikku Hanhi last night.

It’s a couple of hour’s drive to Loimaa. We stop along the way for some grub and hit the venue around 8pm. Soundcheck’s not until 9pm so we load in and then go to the hotel which is only a couple of blocks away.

Back at the venue we soundcheck then wit for showtime. The place is pretty quiet and the town is deserted…no cars, no people. Seems like all the people that are around are in the venue.

Still, the crowd is receptive and enthusiastic and both Ismo and I have a blast playing. 

We’re back at the hotel sometime around 2am and have a beer and a chat before bed.

Ismo joins me for Good Friend Blues...