ANOTHER busy day and once I have the routine stuff out the way I head too the studio.

I’ve a couple of Christmas tracks to produce for a publisher I do some stuff for and need to figure out arrangements. I’m not quite sure how they want ’em to sound, but if I put together some demos it’ll be a starting point.

I spend the next few hours working out an arrangement for the first one then go back tot he house and cook up some king oyster mushrooms for lunch. I spotted the mushrooms when shopping yesterday and they looked too good to pass up.

Turns out they were a good buy and they’re mighty fine…although we could both have eaten double the quantity.

In the office I do a little more online promo in advance of Friday’s Brexit Blues release then back to th studio where I finish off the arrangement for the first of the two tracks I need to put together.

There’s a meeting in the local village hall about a community hydro scheme and I’ve been asked to provide a projector. That’s fine, but, of course, the folks have no idea what connectors/cables are needed for their computer/s and they haven’t thought about the need for a screen and the effects of ambient light in the hall.

We go along early and set things up with the homemade screen I used for the back projection at the last show I played in the hall. I attach my own MacBook with the intention of running any presentations from that.

Margaret drives home and I walk, taking he opportunity for some fresh air and exercise.

Back home I prep all the ingredients for red beans and rice with tasso ham…the meeting’s at 7pm, is its too early to eat beforehand, but it’s gonna be late to start cooking form scratch when we get back.

The meeting goes OK and we’re home by 9pm…and eating soon after 10pm…