UP and showered at a reasonable time – I have a 9am meeting with a local pal about their website.

We meet at the coffeeshop and chat for an hour, put a plan in place then I get back into he studio to work on the first of the ‘Christmas songs’ for the London publisher.

With the arrangement pretty much sorted from a technical point of view yesterday, today’s job it learn it and get familiar enough with it to start maligning it fit stylistically.

We’ve just finished lunch when Betty drops by for a coffee and a little help with some online stuff then I hit the office and manage to get an extra show secured for the USA tour. The next few hours is spent doing poster art for some fo the USA shows.

Time’s getting tight and I need to move on from booking the USA dates to promo.

I take a break and switch to the Christmas track in the studio then start making dinner.

I’ve been trying to break the habit of shutting down and chilling in front of the telly after dinner…even though its usually 9pm or later before we eat and more than a day’s work has been done. There’s just too much needing done and not enough time.

This evening’s ‘extra time’ job is to revamp and update my Bandcamp page. Its too time-consuming and not enough of priority to do during the day so I’ve put it down as an ‘instead off chilling’ task’!

I get a new banner set up with an image map leading to my website and social media and start updating the march and music..that’s gonna be a longer job…