The D-I-Y video for Brexit Blues is premiered on. Facebook and YouTube before going on general release…

BREXIT Blues release day! I got a lot of stuff done just after midnight, but some is best left to this morning.

First, the Instagram TV post goes live, then the obligatory social media posts and interactions with folks that have already reacted.

I fire off the demo idea for Christmas song number one to the publisher and almost immediately get a call back. I’m worried its not along the right lines, but they like it and a plan is made for it’s development and other tracks to be tackled in a similar way.

At 11am the Brexit Blues video premiers on Facebook then, at 11.30am, on YouTube. I have no idea if these ‘premiers’ make any difference, but it does seem to help bring a little traction.

I’m helping a local pal revamp their website and need some new imagery, so pack the camera gear and spend the next couple of hours on-site taking photos and fighting the midges.

Back home we have a late lunch and I carry on with all the release day promo and then at 6pm I do a couple of Facebook livestreams playing Brexit Blues and other songs live.

Once done we have dinner at Betty and Joe’s – a nice relaxing end to a hectic day…