I HAVE an unusual job (for me) this morning – taking some wedding pictures at Milarrochy Bay. And Margaret and I are to be witnesses.

Luckily the weather is perfect – dry and bright, but a light layer of cloud so there’s no harsh sunlight.

We’re done by 11am and I get straight into editing the photos when we get home. Quite pleased with the results.

Once done, I send them off via wetransfer.com then attack the bedroom clearout! We’ve both accumulated so many old, worn out clothes that a clearout is needed.

We’re off to see Catriona and Freya for dinner and staying over – Will’s away for the weekend.

I get some online listings for the USA tour in p[lace and other bits and bobs of work done when we arrive then put the laptop away.

We have a lovely dinner and chat the evening away over a couple bottles of red…