PLANNING to announce the USA tour dates today nd what better way than via a Facebook livestream – later on when folks in the USA are up tho’!

I make up a video with scrolling dates too use in the livestream.

Meantime, Margaret sorts a gig at the Green Room in Perth for November which gives a nice wee run of four shows – Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen & Glasgow – with my pal Ismo who’s coming from Finland to be my guest on these shows.

I set up online ticketing and a Facebook event for the show then set about designing posters, online graphics and flyers for the four shows. wanna gets the artwork off to the printers so we can get them to the venues before we hit the USA.

In the studio I work on the second Christmas guitar track/song and get a bit more of an arrangement worked out. I take a break for a coffee with Margaret and Betty who’s dropped by.

The bag maker we contacted abut a ‘cover’ to bag two guitars in one has got back. The price isn’t too bad so we need to decide if its actually practical and a viable solution.

I wanna do the 8pm tour announcement livestream from the studio which will need a bit of prep, so first I get as much stuff ready for dinner as I can so we’re not eating at 10pm!

In the studio I set up our streaming connection, laptop, camera, lighting and set up the gig dates video and stuff I wanna spin into the livestream. Once all the prep is done I check the connection then get Margaret to the studio to man the controls. All goes great – see the video above!

Back in the house I open a beer and cook the pepper beef noodles. Mmmmm…