CATRIONA drops by with Freya on her way back to the place they’re staying – she’s been to the shop for a bunch of breakfast stuff.

They’re all going a walk later and will stop in for a coffee before they head off. Margaret makes a batch of scones and I get on with some work.

Catriona, Will, Freya, Andy, Rachel and wee Gregor come and hang out for an hour or two then I get back to work – creating Facebook events and posting video trailers for all the shows on the USA tour.

Late afternoon Mikey turns up with his pal Dougie turn up – Mikey has a new iPhone he wants me to set up and transfer stuff from his current phone. We come up against. hurdle tho’ as it turns out the iPhone is locked to a different network than Mikey’s – the previous owner hasn’t unlocked it.

I get as much done as I can then retrieve the phone’s IMEI number and tell Mikey to get in touch with the guy he got it from to have it unlocked from the network.

Mikey and Dougie go to the pub and I get on with some more work before making dinner.

After we’ve eaten Margaret helps Mikey with some invoicing for materials for a job he’s just finished. There’s a bug mixed up pile of receipts needing sorted out!

It’s 10pm when they leave to go back to Dundee. We relax a while then have an early night.