A day looking after Freya at Catriona and Will’s….

MARGARET’S already up and Catriona and Will are away to work when I get downstairs.

Freya’s full of beans and the sun’s shining outside.

After a roll and sausage I get on with some work and Margaret looks after Freya util lunchtime when she’s (Freya) ready for a nap.

Will’s back from work soon after 4pm and we leave them to go and get some shopping on the way home. the local shop does;t have the green pepper I need for tonight’s red beans and rice, so we end up in Dunblane.

Although it’s getting on a bit but he time we get home, the sun’s still shining and I go for a walk up the loch side before making dinner.

Back home, the red beans and rice takes a good hour to make then we eat, relax and have an early night.

A zen-like tower of stones in the evening sun.