AFTER firing out some emails to chase things that should already have been sorted out we jump in the car to Glasgow.

Margaret drops me off for a haircut and goes to drop off some stuff at a charity shop. We’d planned to hit Costco before my coaching session in town, but there’s not enough time and we end up in McDonalds. A chicken sandwich is the best of a bad bunch of options for me.

I enjoy the group coaching session at Citizen M and Margaret picks me up and we head to Dumbarton two pick up the repaired car and return the courtesy car. Traffic’s crazy but we make it just in time. I’ll take it into Glasgow in the morning for an MoT.

Back home I catch up in some work while Margaret prepares pinchitos for dinner..the PaypalHere card reader’s arrived in the mail so I get it set up with the app and our phones. Fingers crossed it works in the USA. They tell me it will.