CATRIONA’S bringing Freya over for breakfast so we’re up promptly.

I sort the bins and a few things outside while Margaret organises breakfast…and when Catriona and Freya arrive we sit outside, eat and chat.

Margaret takes Freya a walk and drops some stuff at Betty and Joe’s – meantime, I get on with some work and Catriona has a nap.

In the studio I do some work on the guitar that will be up for sale on our return from the USA then come back to the house to say cheerio to Catriona and Freya.

After some lunch I go back too the studio and repair a cable in my effects case…and make a spare in case of any problems while we’re away. Once done, I grab some of the other stuff from the studio and close the door for the next five or six weeks.

Mikey and Dougie stop in on the wy back form their camping trip to drop off the tent they borrowed. We have a coffee and a blether then they hit the road.

Margaret’s busy sorting merchandise nd watching the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. I’ve set up for a Facebook livestream at 6pm, but it’s looking like it’ll be more like 7pm as the tennis, exciting as it is, drags on a bit.

The midges are starting too come out and I do the livestream form the garden, playing a few songs and plugging the USA tour and other shows coming later in the year.

There’s a lot of packing to be done – and other things to be organised – before Martyn picks us up at 7.15am to take us to the airport. Better get busy…