The amazing Mishawaka Amphitheatre after soundcheck….

THE SMOKE alarm in the hotel started bleeping at 5am and it took an hour to get it started. In light of that, Margaret’s negotiated complimentary breakfast.

We leave Parachute on the 200-mile drive to Denver to renew the car rental agreement and manage to swap the Mitsubishi SUV for a Nissan Altima. The Nissan is bigger, more comfortable and much more economic…and cheaper to rent as well!

After stopping for some supplies, we hit the road into the mountains for the 90-minute drive through thunderstorms to the Mishawaka Amphitheatre.

It’s an outdoor show tonight and luckily the rain has stopped when we get there and load in. There’s four bands playing, headlined by The Yawpers and I’m playing short sets in the changeovers.

All the staff and tech folk are amazing and my soundcheck goes great then we sort out mech. The rain comes and goes but doesn’t cause her a problem.

Gates open at 6pm and the first band – Sickly Hecks – kicks off at 8pm. The amphitheatre is nothing shot of spectacular and there’s an awesome crowd in. My first set is between these and Plasma Canvas and I’m amazed at the warm reception.

Plasma Canvas are awesome, then I play my second set, followed by Stella Luce…and my last set between them and headliners The Yawpers.

We have a fantastic night…and are staying in cool cabin backstage. We fall into bed around 2am….

…onstage at the Mish…
…and Margaret’s on merch.