Amazing day at the Mish with our host Dani and catching up with Becky (left)….sorry for the unflattering iPhone pic!

WE wake up late in the cabin backstage at the Mishawaka…great to have a long sleep!

Internet access is very limited, but I mage to upload my blog an a few Facebook posts.

We have brunch in the extremely cool restaurant courtesy of our hosts then go for a wander around.

It’s great to have a day of with no driving and no show…so we take the opportunity to have a nap. We have a bit of treat tonight as Band of Horses are playing and we’re staying backstage…doors open at 5pm.

Our host, Dani, meets us and sorts us out with drinks and grub….then a nice surprise – she brings mutual pal Becky (who we first met with Dani in Nashville six years ago!) round. Great to see her and meet her son and their pals.

Nikki Lane and her band open the show with cool set then Band of Horses play a blinder. Great to see such a great show at close quarters in this magnificent venue and setting.

After the show we have a few drinks and share a dram or two with Band of Horses’ bassman Matt. Amazing night 🙂

…great set from Band of Horses
…and a couple of drams with Band of Horses bassman Matt after the show 🙂