We explore Poudre Canyon before heading to the hotel in Fort Collins

WE wake up feeling fresh and sit outside with a coffee at the cabin backstage at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre.

A message for venue owner Dani asks me to contact her…she wants to move us into a hotel in Fort Collins tonight. That’s very kind…the cabin is great, but a ice hotel will be a little bit of luxury before we hit the road to the mid-West tomorrow (Tuesday).

We have lunch at the Mishawaka restaurant – a huge (and great!) burrito that I struggle to finish…Margaret has nachos.

Once the car’s packed we take a drive further up Poudre Canyon and explore a little before we make our way downtown and check in to what is a an absolutely amazing hotel 🙂

Dani’s invited us to her home for dinner later on – meantime we get some work done and chill.

Later on at Dani and Matt’s we have a lovely meal with our hosts and some of their family.