Margaret enjoys an ice cream in Wall en route to St James, Minnesota

NO real time pressure too leave Rapid City, but we want to reach St James, Minnesota at reasonable time. Its about 400 miles and we lose an hour crossing time zones.

We share the drive, stopping in Wall for a gander. Its a kinda weird cross between a wild west town and tourist centre.

It’s just after 6pm when we stop in St James to pick up some dinner supplies at a supermarket…most hotel rooms have microwaves and fridges, so it’s a quick, easy and economical way to eat. Probably healthier too.

We also replenish the cold meat and cheese so we have sandwich making stuff for lunch on the road.

There’s a slight hiccup when we check into the Super 8 – Margaret accidentally booked it for tomorrow (Thursday) night. Luckily we can get online, cancel and re-book for tonight as they have a room. The guy on reception is super helpful. Indeed, this Super 8 is streets ahead of any other we’ve stayed in…in fact, its better than a lot of the more upmarket places we use 🙂

I picked up a cheap set of suspension training straps in Target the other day…desperately needing a way of overcoming the sedentary ‘sitting in a car’ all day routine, I remembered my pal Rev Peyton (Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band) recommend these straps as a way of getting some exercise on tour.

Basically two webbing straps with handles that hook over the door. The session isn’t too strenuous (at beginner level, anyway!) and I do feel the better for my 10 minutes exercise. Need to make this a habit when we arrive at a hotel room.

Margaret sorts some laundry and I work on some promo for shows later int he tour…it’s after 10pm when we eat then chill for the rest of the evening.