Nice to have a night off and hang out with our pals Tom and Alison 🙂

AFTER the best hotel breakfast of the trip, I give the St James Super 8 a nice review on TripAdvisor. And very well deserved it is too.

We’ve 300 miles to go to Wausau…no gig tonight, but we’ve planned to get there early she we can hang out with our pals Tom and Alison.

Sharing driving duties, we stop en route to make up some sandwiches from the supplies in our cool box.

After dropping our bags at the hotel we go and visit Tom as his new house…Alsion’s at work, so we’ll catch her later.

We chat for a good couple of hours over a dram or two of Smokehead then make for the Domino Bar where Alison’s soon to finish her shift. We have some mighty fine grub and few beers with our pals then make our way back to the hotel.