Afternoon in-store at Longshot Vinyl, Racine. Great afternoon 🙂

JUST a few hours drive to Racine – but before we leave Wausau we wanna drop a couple of things in to our pals Alison and Tom.

We don’t have too much time to hang out with them before we hit the road, doing a wee Facebook livestream as we go.

The podcast interview has, luckily been re-scheduled until later – so first stop is Longshot Vinyl, downtown Racine for an unplugged in-store and vinyl signing. We have a great afternoon there then JJ directs us to our hotel.

There’s not much time to hang around and we basically just drop our bags and make our way to the venue.

Local legends Randy and Brenda have cooked up a storm and brought a load of smoked ribs, beans, cornbread, mac’n’cheese and twice cooked potatoes. It’s amazing.

I get my gear set up then we eat our fill and hang out ’til showtime.

JJ’s also arranged for a Glengoyne whisky-tasting as part of the night which is also serving as his birthday celebrations.

We have an awesome time and the gig goes great. Another late one though, and we’re knocked by the time we get back to the hotel.

Aftershow Smokehead tasting! With, from left, Brenda & Randy who made all the food, promoter.venue owner JJ, a random photobomber, myself and barman Tod \../