Awesome time at the Pecatonica Tap House in Warren, IL…

NOT too far to go today, so not the usual time pressure.

Still, we haven’t time to hang around and once I’ve does the usual ‘day of show’ promo and dealt with a bunch fo emails and stuff its time to hit the road into Illinois.

We pull into a Perkins (first visit of the tour!) for a quick lunch then carry on to Warren. Its an early show at the Pecatonica Tap House with the house band kicking off for an opening set at 4pm.

We’re given the usual warm welcome and a beer pushed into my hand. I get my stuff sorted out while the opening act run through a few numbers then hit the stage.

A bust string in the first song threatens the dynamic of the show, but I manage to deal with it quickly and keep things going with some chat.

I play for 75-minutes or so, then the house band come and join me on my last number – Good Friend Blues. We have a blast. They’re a great bunch who we met last year…guitarist Marty and banjo player Colleen also came along to my Davenport show last year.

There’s a load of chat, beer and fun after the show…the band take me to a bar next door to do some shots – both alcoholic and photographic!

Our hotel’s only about half an hour away and once we check in we go out to explore and pick up some pizza.

Back at the hotel we chill and I’m asleep by 11pm!

Fun and games with the house band 🙂