Birthday drams with JJ after my set…

INTERNET at the Super 8 in Darlington is pretty poor but I manage to get most things dealt with before we hit the road to Racine.

Our pal JJ – who booked me to play in Racine on Saturday – spotted a couple of days off in mysterious schedule and suggested I stop by and play a short set again tonight in his downtown venue…it’s his birthday celebration.

He’s booked us into a nearby hotel where we check in and chill for a little while before going to load in and meet JJ. Local musician Josh Krug, who’s done my sound at the other venue on previous visits, is also gonna play a short set.

JJ takes us to Asiana – a Korean restaurant a few blocks away – where we have an amazing meal then wander back to McAuliffe’s on the Square to set up. Engineer Steve is on the case and soon Josh is on stage.

He plays a half-hour set then I hit it hard for an hour. There’s a great crowd in and we have an amazing night, getting back to the hotel around midnight.

A last minute extra date in Racine for JJ’s birthday turns into a great night.