Amazing time playing at Nordic Brewing, Monticello…

AFTER a great night in Minneapolis we get up and I deal with the routine morning’s work and ‘day of show’ promo for Monticello tonight.

We need to find a bank and the only Capital One branch in this part of the mid-West is in St Cloud. Forty miles past Monticello.

After paying in some cash a cheque, we enjoy a complimentary coffee and ice cream. When we get outside there’s been a pretty dramatic car smash right beside our rental car. Luckily our car is unscathed.

Forty miles back to Monticello and we check into our hotel where we get to chill for a little while before my 5pm load-in at Nordic Brewing.

Our pal, promoter Casey, is ready for us and I’m set up and sound checked in no time. The food truck outside the brewery provides some good grub – brats with sauerkraut and tortilla with spicy cheese sauce.

Open Leroy Virgil plays a nice country-influenced set then I take the stage for an hour or so. There’s a great crowd in, many familiar faces from past shows in the area and lots of new folks too.

Merch goes like a bomb and we’re out of CDs less than halfway through the tour! Only two vinyls left too. Luckily my cousin is bringing some CD supplies at the weekend. Meantime, folks will have to make do with shirts, patches, hats, bottlenecks and, if they’re quick, vinyl.

..sharing the Smokehead love after the show
One of Peter Lee’s amazing shots from Sunday night atop the Hook & Ladder Theatre with the sun setting over Minneapolis.