A surprise birthday cake for Margaret…the first time I’ve ever seen take a ‘beamer’…!!!

MARGARET wakes me just before 8am…she’s been up to sort some breakfast for Caroline who’s about to live on the next leg of her West Highland Way trek. I say cheerio then fall back to sleep.

Next thing I know it’s nearly 1pm! Jeez! Also, its Margaret’s birthday. While she’s in the shower I get some breakfast prepared then nip out side and trim back a couple of overgrown bushes, cut the foot-high grass and do some trimming. Seems to have been peak growing season while we were away.

After eating I start to clear some of the mess in the office. There’s no way I can do any work amidst all the chaos…then I hit the studio, finish re-stringing a guitar that’s been on the bench and start work on chaining over the machine heads on the new signature guitar. National wanted to put Waverly’s on but didn’t have any to suit a flat headstock. They offered a nice set and sent them on to Traverse City but when I tried to change them on the road I found the screw holes weren’t in the same place. So there’s some work to be done.

Matty drops by with a card for Margaret and goes off for a run and we wander along to Betty and Joe’s to pick up our mail. Seonaidh’s in…so, of course, we stay for a quick drink!

We dash back along the road to get ready to go out…we’re off to our pals Martyn and Louise’s – they’ve invited a bunch of pals round.

It’s great to have a nice relaxing evening and catch up with everyone. We’re home soon after midnight and stay up for a wee nightcap…