WE’RE both knackered when we wake up…dunno why, we weren’t that late last night and certainly didn’t kick the ass out it.

Anyway, on with some work…lots on the list today, especially as we’ve arranged to stay over in Edinburgh tomorrow (Friday) night on our way down to the Lindisfarne Festival – we have an early meeting in Glasgow tomorrow morning, then as meeting in Edinburgh , so staying over at Les’s will save us a return journey 🙂

There’s promo postcards to be printed, a setlist to be made up, guitars to be re-strung and gear to be packed. Margaret sorts the merch and I make up some new price lists.

I’m still unable to rebuild my pal Tom’s website as the server is still not sorted at his end.

Meantime, I make up a presentation/video of all the Smokehead stuff from the tour…we’re meeting the Smokehead folks tomorrow too.

I’m almost done with today’s to-do list (still heaps of other days’ stuff to be tackled!) when we take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to help with some computer stuff and have something to eat.