WHEN we get up our AirBnB guests have gone out for the day.

We’ve become aware that the venue for my Perth show in November has closed. Margaret’s messaged the co-owner and booker a few times since we heard and, although the messages have been seen. A few phone calls to folks in Perth confirm the venue has closed down. We need to sort an alternative fast as my special guest on the four Scottish shows is coming form Finland.

We have breakfast then I start tackling the to-do list.

There’s a few minor changes to the local community trust eNewsletter then I send it out an, as well as adding some news to the trust website, there’s a fair bit of back end/server stuff to be done.

Once done I do some online stuff for our new AirBnB venture, setting up a simple website to direct folk to our booking page.

I prepare some stuff for our evening meal so there’s not too much faffing about in the kitchen later then get on with some outside jobs round the house and garden.