I HIT the office leaving Margaret chatting to our AirBnB guests.

Checkouts meant to be 10am, and we’re happy if folks wanna leave their bags in our hall way for a an hour or so afterwards…they’ll be a little late checking out! Not really a problem, but the room needs cleaned and the bed changed before our next guest arrives which could be anytime after 3pm.

Having sorted out some of the web hosting stuff for Tom – it’s still not ‘right’, but workable I get busy with building him a new site for the band. I hit a snag with the .php memory limit at the server end, but a Facebook message to their pal who is now hosting the site has it sorted immediately.

In between times I deal with some phone calls and stuff for the PRS Members’ Fund which have been on my to-do list for the last few days. I do a tiny amount of work for them, but its very worthwhile.

Our AirBnB guest for the next three nights arrives just after 3pm. Margaret shows them round and I carry on withhe website development, getting version 1 of the site up and running, albeit on the wrong domain. The guy at the server end is gonna (I hope!) sort that…and I message Tom to tell him there’s something live to check out.

I’ve been helping Betty and oe out with something that needs followed up so nip along and see them for a while…needing a little more info which isn’t in yet, so we’ll re-visit tomorrow.

With two major things off my to-do list I shut up the office and make some dinner….