UP EARLY as our AirBnB guests check out and I jump in the car to Glasgow – I have an etye hospital appointment this morning.

I make good time but, of course, the car spork at the hospital’s full so I head to my favoured alternative parking spot on Devonshire Gardens to find there’s now a unpacking charge. Oh well, no time to fart about anywhere else so I pay an hour on Ringo and walk the five/ten minutes to the hospital.

As usual, thing are running late and my parking’s running out before I’ve even had my dilating drops put in, so I stump up for another hour.

Eventually I’m done and go for a haircut while waiting for my eyes to return to ‘normal’ which, of course, results in venue more parking charges. At this rate I;d have been cheaper parking in Bearsden and taking the train. Might’ve saved some time too!

Anyway, I pick up some shopping en route home and then hit the office to do some work on my accounts which take sup the remained row the day. At least there’s a light at the end of the spreadsheet tunnel now.

Margaret’s off to “stich’n’bitch” at the village hall so I prepare a green curry which we enjoy when she gets back.