Festival fun at the jam-packed Ferry Inn

WE’RE both pretty burst when the alarm goes off, but we make it downstairs for breakfast before the 9.30am deadline.

There’s not a great selection of food left and it’s not that warm, but it fills a hole…then we go back upstairs to bed. Next thing we know it’s after midday!

Margaret goes into the shower and I go out to book us a table for dinner at the venue I’m playing later. Once done, I wander along to the local Co-op and pick up some sandwiches and snacks for lunch.

I’ve a bit of work to get done then we go out for a bit of sightseeing. Too late to go to the Italian Chapel today, but the Ness Battery is close enough. The gun emplacement is closed for tours, but we get a wee look around then head back to Stromness where drop the gear off at the Ferry Inn before taking the car back to the hotel.

I get some more work done then we wander along to the Ferry Inn for dinner…then I set up my gear and engineer Eamonn does a quick soundcheck.

The place is absolutely rammed – so much so that folks can’t get in the door and I have a fun, albeit very sweaty, 75-minute set.

There’s time for a beer after I’ve cleared the stage and luckily a couple of folks we know – Ian and Lyndsey – have hung out for drinks and help us lug the gear back to the hotel.