WE decide to give breakfast at the hotel a miss and concentrate on getting everything packed up and the room in order. We need to be outta here by 10am.

I make three or four return journeys to the car with the gear,. then we grab the last of it and check out.

A bin lorry blocks the road as we rush tot he ferry terminal but luckily the unforeseen hold up doesn’t;t cause us to miss the 10.30am check-in!

On board we have some breakfast. When the sea gets a bit rougher I go for a sleep and don’t wake up ’til we dock in Scrabster.

We share the driving and stop in Inverness for a late lunch then inn Doune to see Catriona and Freya.

It’s after 8pm but the time we’re home an unpacked.

After a quick dinner I deal with some website problems for someone then prepare my October eNewsletter, schedule it to go out in the morning (read it here!) and get some there work out the way before falling into bed.