An interview and live session with the Orkney News….

FIRST job for me is a few PRS members’ fund phone calls…wanna get ’em all done and out the way before we head off to the ‘States.

Once they’re done and the relevant reports done I get busy creating social media content for all the USA shows so its ready to be posted each day.

Some of the wood cladding outside has been deteriorating a bit and a large hole has appeared in the last few days. We fill it with some wood filler – it doesn’t look too pretty but will hopefully keep the elements at bay until we’re back and can decide what to do about it.

The Orkney News has posted a video interview and session I did last weekend. It’s pretty cool so I share it round social media – see it here.

I get a whole heap more work done – mostly responding to some last minute stuff that’s come up while Margaret makes dinner. I’d hoped for a walk..or maybe even a wee nap, and still need to sort music gear but alas, none of that is done by the time we wander along to see Betty and Joe sometime after 10pm.

We have a grand couple of hours then wander back home….and bed.