We take Freya out for a walk 🙂

WE’RE going to visit Catriona, will and Freya this afternoon, but there’s lots of stuff to be done before we go.

I’d hoped to smoke the Andouille sausage before we need to leave, but even after stuffing the sausage meat into skins, they need an hour in front of a fan then could take there or four hours in the smoker…then another hour in front of the fan. Instead, I decide to make the sausages and leave them in the fridge to smoke tomorrow.

After dealing with a few other odds and sods it’s time to go. When we get there, Will’s working on his shed build. We have a coffee then he gets back to work and we take Freya out for a walk so Catriona can get on with some work for an hour or so.

After the walk we hang out for a while then make for home. It’s funny it’s dark so early – specially so with the clocks going back last night.

Margaret has some ironing to do when we get back and I start making a sauce for some veggie pasta. While it’s simmering away I put an ad online to try and sell the banjo I brought back from the ‘States – it does on Reverb as well as all the music gear for sale groups on Facebook etc.

We eat, watch telly for a while and have an early-ish night.

Banjo for sale…click the pic for info!