Wee slideshow off images form the USA East Coast tour featuring ,my first dabbling with Ableton Live…

IT’S a nice morning and, at risk of using it as a distraction, I nip out for a quick walk to try and grab a few bits of local video footage…just in case they might be useful for an upcoming project.

I don’t get much tho’ – the direction of the sun and lack of people/movement aren’t conducive…it’s too early.

There’s a bunch of photos form, the USA trip that I wanna put in a slideshow for Smokehead so I spend a while gathering the photos and making a slideshow with some hashtag-style captions.

By now it’s lunchtime…before I make some seafood ramen, I nip ut with the video camera. This time the sun’s gone and there’s still no great signs of life…or the ‘experience’ that’ll I hoped to capture.

Next job is to finish the ‘soundtrack; for the slideshow which is, in effect, my motivation to produce something – albeit not a full song – using Ableton Live.

As you’ll hear of you watch the slideshow above, it’s certainly no masterpiece, but it’s part of a learning process and, thing, could bring some interesting new ways of working. Especially for instrumental stuff.

I upload the slideshow to YouTube, send the files off to Smokehead then get on with putting together my November eNewsletter. Once finished I schedule it to go out to my mail limits at 8.45am precisely tomorrow (Friday) morning.

It’s 8opm but he time I get the grill lit outside and cook the Vietnamese beef I’ve had marinading since lunchtime…

It might be dark and cold…but the grill still does a good job!