MY first task of the day is some social media stuff for the local business I’m helping out.

Once that’s done I deal with the routine stuff then marinade the meat for tonight’s Vietnamese beef.

After lunch I have a meeting about the local business’s website. When I get back home there’s been a delivery of firewood so we get that stacked in the woodshed before it gets dark.

I spend an hour or so in the studio messing with some song ideas but dominated by my usual fear of trying to put a square peg in a round hole with ideas that aren’t really materialising.

My cousin Fred is coming for dinner tonight and there’s a bit of prep to be done before we light the fire and tidy up.

We have a grand night and chat until well after 2am…we’d offered Fred to stay over but she’s got stuff on in the morning. And I’m opening the village shop at 7am. Ooofft!