Another lovely day on East Loch Lomond

I’M just about to go in the shower when a message comes in two see if I’m available for a local meeting in 20 minutes. Panic…

A quick shower and get my shit together and I make it in time. We spend an hour or so looking at the social media stuff I’ve been doing to help and what the focus should be for the next couple of weeks.

For some reason I’m knackered when I get back to the house. Margaret’s heading into Glasgow for a meeting and says I should have a nap but I fight the desire to sleep and go out for a walk instead. It’s a beautiful day and I take the wee video camera in case I can grab any useful video footage.

The walk does thew trick and I get busy with a plan/proposal for the next couple of week’s social media for the local business I’m helping out.

I get the plan finished and sent off by which time not;s getting cold and dark. I light the fire and close all the blinds and curtains just as Margaret gets back. Some good news – looks like she’ll get some days doing supply teaching which will hopefully help us through the current cash flow crisis,

My plan had been to hit the studio, but the wave of tiredness I managed to hold of earlier has returned, so I have a nap on the couch for half-an-hour then get on with promoting some of next week’s Scottish shows on Facebook.

In the kitchen I make a Japanese ramen with beef, pak choi, enoki mushrooms…it;s a bit of a scutter, but turns out good even if a bit late!