AN unusually early start – I’m up at 6.30am. Shower, coffee, quick breakfast and off into Glasgow.

I’m doing a weird photo job at there Scottish Government building on the Broomielaw. A company that normally does building surveys using a drone isn’t allowed to fly there, so they’ve hired some top-end camera gear…but need a photographer.

There’s a few challenges, not least getting my head round the Canon camera and lens… I’m a Nikon guy and while the principles are the same, the camera set up and controls are different.

Then there’s trying to make sure every section of all four elevations of the building is covered in as much detail as possible. It’s a big building.

I’m a good four hours on the job before leaving all the gear with building security for the company that hired me to pick up later. Hopefully the pix are OK. I reckon there’s about 3000 images. Maybe more.

Next I head to see my pal Kenny and pick up some t-shirts he’s been printing for me. Nice to catch up for a wee chat too 🙂

A stop at Costco, then Aldo and home by 4pm. Knackered.

No time to rest, though. This week’s Facebook livestream from the kitchen at our local inn is at the slightly earlier time of 5pm this week. Also, I’m running through the process with Lucy who’ll take soon live-streaming duties next Friday as we’ll be in Aberdeen.

The livestream goes to plan and I also grab some photos of the specials on this weekend’s menu.

Back home I share the livestream around social media then we go and pick up Betty and Joe who are treating us to dinner in the same establishment. 🙂

We have a really nice evening and thoroughly enjoy our treat. We take Betty and Joe home and enjoy a nightcap before heading home and falling into bed. That photo job today was probably the most physically (and mentally) demanding job I’ve ever done!