Ismo kicks things off to a full house in Aberdeen…

A GOOD night’s sleep and we’ve all recovered from last night – what an awesome time at St Mocha coffee shop 🙂

We need to sort out gear for tonight’s show in Aberdeen. Thankfully there’s a PA – albeit a fairly basic affair – so we don’t have to try and cram a PA system in the car with four of us and all our gear and merch.

Ismo comes with me to the studio as we need to bring some additional stuff – mic stands, cables, DI boxes and my X-Air mixer.

Miraculously we get it all in the car and head for Aberdeen. Margaret’s made sandwiches and packed lunch for us all so we don’t have to stop.

We load in at the Blue Lamp just after 5pm and get set up and soundchecked by 6pm. We check in at the hotel, get some grub and make it back to the venue in time for doors opening at 8pm.

The place is filling up nicely and by the time Ismo kicks things off it’s pretty full. By the time I hit the stage the place is rammed. I had been worried about the turnout as the venue had another show on downstairs…

We have an amazing night…just Glasgow tomorrow (Saturday) left on the run of shows….gonna be a belter, I hope.

…and a packed house means a good, sweaty gig!