It might be raining…but the Vietnamese beef needs cooked outside!

I’M on duty in the village shop today so get a few things done before I make my down.

It’s delivery day, but the pallets aren’t coming ’til later. Plenty of other stuff to get busy with tho’. Been a real eye-opener helping in the shop.

I’m home late afternoon and start getting stuff ready for dinner…I’m making Vietnamese beef and taking it along to Betty and Joe’s. Once all my prep’s done, Margaret gets in the kitchen and makes an apple pie.

Betty’s asked me to take some photos of Joe for something they need so I pack up some camera stuff then grill the meat on charcoal outside.

We ship everything along to our pals’ and spend a nicer few hours with them. I also take some snaps of Joe.

Back home we’re pretty knackered and decided on an early night. I’ve got a pretty busy day tomorrow (Thursday)….