I decide to make stock with the turkey carcass…

ANOTHER late rise. Think I’m still recovering.

Catriona and Freya arrive while I’m in the shower then we all have breakfast. I do some more work on the local business’s social media.

Walter turns pop to chat over some local community trust stuff over a coffee and we blether about a load of stuff.

I spend the rest of the afternoon working on an obituary for a south west-based musician pal who died earlier in December. I wanna do a kinda personal piece that also documents his achievements – I first interviewed him for a magazine back in 1995. Since then we played numerous shows together and visited each other many times.

In the kitchen we take the remaining meat from the turkey carcass and I decide we should make stock.

I get some more work done then we have some dinner and go along to see Betty and Joe. Barbara’s there and we’re joined later by Thorsten and Harris for turns into a lovely impromptu get-together.