WE’RE not long finished breakfast and got the routine stuff out the way when Arthur arrives.

I’d asked him to bring his delinquent laptop (Windows, of course…there’d be no problem if it was a Mac!) so I can help sort out some email issues he’s been having.

After a few quirky problems – mostly down to Google security issues – we get everything working as it should on both he laptop and his mobile (thankfully an iPhone).

We’re enjoying a coffee when Margaret reminds me I’d also promised to sort out his Apple ID…forgotten password and now defunct email/recovery address. With some help form Apple support we get things sorted. Phew!

I run the gauntlet of hail and wind to get to the studio where I mess around with some ideas then brave the weather and go for a walk up the hill where, for some reason, I decide to do a couple of Facebook livestream updates.

I’m home in time to gather my gear and hit the Oak Tree Inn where I’m shooting video content for some upcoming social media posts.

While the video rushes and audio recordings are transferring to the laptop I return to the studio and start trying to record a demo of a song I’ve been messing with…a cover – but although it’s a simple song, getting the timing consistent between verses and bridge parts is challenging. I get a rough track recorded then go back to the house and start cooking the red beans and rice.

As I cook I do yet another livestream….it’s kinda crazy, but fun.

We eat then I edit some of the video I shot earlier…I get most of it done just leaving a short voiceover intro and some music to be recorded in the morning….