The rest of last week’s red beans and rice…quick and easy as I just need to make the rice 🙂

LOTS on my list this morning, not least an attempt to plan the rest of the week’s work/activities.

Our AirBnB guests are meant to check out at 10am. At 9.55am the guy takes the cases out to the car…then comes back in and sits down with the baby. I’m expecting his wife to follow then I hear her going into the shower. Fuck sake! The fact that I’m bursting for a shite doesn’t help.

They eventually leave at 10.45am!

I have to try and come up with a solution for Lesley’s birthday project…and make a start on some of the prep work. Of course, this all takes longer than I expect and suddenly it’s time to make a sandwich and go and do my shift at the Village Shop.

I’m home soon after 8pm. Margaret’s knackered and in a bit of a tizz…she’s had a day teaching in Glasgow, picked up some shopping the way home and has a load of stuff to do in preparation for a local community trust meeting on Wednesday.

I make dinner and after we’ve eaten we both get on with some work…I;m kinda feeling like I’m embarking on my third day’s work in a day!