I HAVE a local social media planning meeting first thing which runs a little longer than usual.

When I get back home I put together a plan based o our discussions then get busy with some of my day-to-day stuff.

Last week’s hotshots resulted in a few equipment casualties – two LED panel mounts suddenly gave way having sheared themselves in half for no apparent reason…and the drone had a pretty bad crash.

The LED lights can wait, but the drone needs assessed and repaired as I’ve a job waiting and I need it to be ready when the weather’s right. A couple of replacement rotor blades and some jiggery pokery and I give it a test run. All seems. well. Phew!

There’s some potential USA bookings for later in August I need to confirm…and a possibility of some stuff with a whisky importer based in Tennessee. I get busy.

I have a shift in the local shop starting at 1pm which means I only get 15/20 minutes in the studio. Nowhere near enough time to record anything but I do manage to run through some new songs a couple of times. Maybe I’ll get some time to work on them tomorrow…

I’m home from my shop shift just after 8pm…in the meantime, though, I’ve had a call asking if I can do the opening shift in the morning. Glad of the work and extra cash, but looks like the recording is gonna be postponed…I’m filming in Glasgow on Wednesday and back in the shop non Thursday…oh…and there’s a grandchild due on Wednesday!

We have dinner, chill for a bit then an early night…I’ll be up at 6am 🙁