Thanks to a great response on Facebook I now have a grip on what I need to do to bring this old banjo back to life 🙂

I’M on a mission to find out more about the old banjo my pal Anna gave me.

It’s a weird looking, heavy old thing. I sort out some images and post them own Facebook to see if there’s any expertise out there.

A message is in from the Smokehead folks. They love the song and the artwork…and are keen to help promote it 🙂

Catriona, Will, Freya and new-born Aaron arrive in time for lunch. After some soup we go out to feed the ducks and take a wander along to Betty and Joe’s so they can see Aaron.

Once everyone’s off home I mess around int eh studio for a while then go back to the house and work my way through all the comments and messages about the banjo. Loads of useful info and I’ve now got an idea how I can get the thing back to life.

Margaret’s on dinner. While she’s cooking I register er the new song with PRS, MCPS and PPL then upload the track, artwork and metadata to my digital distributor. Stick to Your Guns will drop on Friday 17 April! Watch this space.