One of the wee blighters on my leg…

WAKE up and have some itches…further investigation reveals two ticks on my leg and various unidentifiable bites! This is the price for filming in long grass out the back where there’s always a load of deer hanging out…

Margaret gets hold of the tick remover tool and rids me of the wee blighters then I get in the shower.

Our NHS pals in Bournemouth have asked me to send a full version of the guitar track I recorded for them – while in the studio I start messing with the keyboard and get a bit lost in time.

In the garden I chop some wood then take a break to start filling in my tax return online. There’s a couple of bits of info don’t have yet, so put out some emails asking for details.

Meantime, I go out for a walk up the loch side for my ‘one-hour’ of allowed lockdown exercise.

Back home Margaret’s keen to tidy out the space under our bed..we have one of these lift up bases with storage underneath. While shuffling stuff around we find may long-lost Kindle. Yay!

There’s that tree again!