And we’re off…livestream in full flow…

LOTS of last minute promo to be done for this evening’s livestream concert.

In between times I get a call from Smokehead’s ad/marketing agency checking I’m still good for being the guest on Sunday’s 5pm Smokehead TV feature live on their Instagram page. For sure!

Once I clear the decks and get some other work out the way we have lunch and then start setting up for the livestream.

First, we rig up a black backdrop with some wee lights. Margaret’s idea and it looks pretty good.

I bring instruments, lights, cameras and all the other stuff we need form the studio and we start setting up. We’re using our iPhones as webcams, which requires a third party app that turns out to be a little flaky.

The whole setup takes us a good five or six hours and it’s all quite relaxed until 10/15 minutes before showtime when we realise that the iPhones masquerading as webcams are lagging behind the audio and ‘proper’ camera. Causes a bit of a panic but I manage to get it sorted – leaving me about 30 seconds to get changed and tuen the instruments before go-live!

Overall the livestream goes great – there’s a few technical issues here and there – a still image of Margaret appearing on the main iPhone ‘webcam’ outta nowwhere then a few minutes of weird sound after we re-set the iPhone webcam and it started acting as an extra microphone.. There’s a bit of a background buzz through the while thing too – not disastrous, but annoying when we’re trying to make it look and sound slick.

We’re done soon after 9pm and spend a good 45-minutes caring up then I make dinner – ‘unbeef’ and brocolli made with seitan instead of beef. Works OK but I’m not sure Margaret’s a big fan of my seitan…